Balsam Oil


Botonical NameMyroxylon pereira
Country of OriginUSA
Color & OdorDark Brown Viscous Liquid with Dark Brown Viscous Liquid with Sweet Cinnamon Vanilla Balsam
SolubilityInsoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils
Major ConstituentsMyroxylon Pereira
Extraction MethodSteam Distillation

Balsam oil is derived from Balsam Peru, which is a large tropical tree having straight smooth trunk & beautiful foliage including very fragrant flowers. Resinous juice for making the oil is obtained from exposed lacerated wood after strips of bark are removed. It is initially collected in form of a dark brown or amber semi-solid mass and later distilled to achieve pure oil extract.

Balsam of peru, Peru Balsam Essential Oil, Peru oil.

ylang-ylang, petigrain, patchouli, sandalwood, spices, rose, floral and oriental bases and most other oils.

Benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, benzyl cinnamate, cinnamyl cinnamate.

Peru Balsam essential oil acts as a stimulant, parasiticide & expectorant and helps in asthma, nervous tension, bronchitis, stress, eczema and rashes. It is also used as fixative & fragrance component in soaps, detergents, creams, lotions & perfumes.


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